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-Please read this important information then click the BUY BOOKS link in the left-hand navigation panel to begin ordering METRO CAMPUS course materials.

-To add course materials from another campus, click the corresponding campus in the left-hand navigation panel, click Buy Books. Remember that you can add course materials from multiple campuses to your cart and check-out just once.

-Please refer back to this information during your purchase process as it contains answers to many common questions.


Selecting New/Used Preference - Remember, when you select "New" or "Used" you are selecting your preference. There is no guarantee you will receive either new or used. If only new is available, you will receive new even when selecting 'used' as your preference. If only used is available, you may receive used even when selecting 'new' as your preference. Final checkout prices are always quoted at the new price. If you receive used copies, your final packing list (receipt) will show your savings.

New - A new book has never been used. It is in perfect condition with no bent corners or promotional markings. A new textbook may contain both the required and optional supplements such as CDs, Info Trac, Access Codes, MML (My Math Lab), MCL (My Comp Lab) and similar. These supplements may or may not be required for the class.

Used - A used book will have all of its pages, front and back cover, highlighting and markings, but all information will be readable and will contain any and all the supplements that are required for the course. It may or may not include any of the optional items that may come with a new copy of the book.

Required - Items marked required are a necessity for the course and all students are expected to have these materials for their appropriate courses.

Component - A component is an item packaged with a book. Your teacher may advise you on whether a component item purchase is needed. All components for all sections of a given course are listed under that course with this section number: "COMPONENTS." Example: All components for all sections of "ACCT 1003" can be found by selecting the course "ACCT 1003 COMPONENTS." To find components for "ACCT 1003 101" or "ACCT 1003 490" you would select the course "ACCT 1003 COMPONENTS." To find components for "ACCT 2223 301" or "ACCT 2223 290" or any other section in "ACCT 2223," you would select the course "ACCT 2223 COMPONENTS." If you need further assistance, please contact us

Optional - Items marked optional are not a necessity for the course but are useful studyaids that may be additionally purchased by the student.

Either Required (ER) - Sometimes there is more than one version of a required book and students may choose which version they would like to purchase. An example would be a hardback versus a softback book, or a bound book versus an unbound book that the student would place into a binder of their own. In situations where there is more than one version of a required item, each item will be marked as "Either Required" and the student may choose any one of these items. It is not necessary to purchase all items marked "Either Required", choose only one.

A la Carte (ALC) - Items marked ALC are "A la Carte" items. This means the book is not bound and will require a 3 ring binder to hold the book. The book is all loose leaf and pre hole-punched for placement in the 3 ring binder.

Course ID or CRN - A course ID number is a number used to identify your unique course and section. A course ID number will be listed as a "CRN" on your course schedule and may be used when searching for your textbooks.

Digital Textbooks (DG) - Digital Textbooks or eBooks are electronic versions of a required course book and may be purchased in place of a physical copy. If a digital copy of your course material is available for your course, it will be displayed along with the other course materials. Not all courses will have digital content available. Please allow the normal 3 (up to) business days for processing. Once processed, information on how to instantly access your digital content will be sent to you via email. NOTE: eBooks are non-refundable. NOTE: Digital Textbooks and eBooks are IBM/Mac compatible. There is currently no official support for importing these products to the various "eReader" devices being sold on the market. Please visit for more information. 


• Shipping to locations within Oklahoma is a flat rate of $10 per order.
• Shipping to locations outside Oklahoma is a flat rate of $15 per order.
• Shipping to locations outside the contiguous United States is not flat rate and varies by order weight.
• We cannot ship to a P.O. box. Be sure that your shipping address is a street address.
• Please allow up to 3 business days for order processing and up to 3 to 5 business days for shipping.


    NOTE: Please see the below tips regarding CRN numbers vs Discipline/Course/Section numbers.

CRN example