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Buyback Schedule:

     - 05/26/16 will be the last day for the Campus Stores Daily Buyback.
                      If you would like to sell books now, before the next big
                      Buyback Week, please scroll down and take advantage
                      of the Online Buyback Program. Campus Stores staff
                      will be unable to buy books at the customer service
                      counters starting Friday 05/27/16.


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Buyback Policy:

The Campus Stores will conduct a course book buyback on each campus at the end of each semester. The buyback is presented as a service to the TCC student. It is an opportunity afforded to the student to reap some benefit from the sale of those course books no longer wanted or needed.

The buyback will be held the last five days of finals during the Fall and Spring semester and the last two days of finals during the Summer semester.

The student will receive up to fifty percent (50%) of the established TCC used book price for any book the Campus Stores need.

Books not needed by the Campus Stores that are of marketable value may be sold at a price established by the wholesale book company.